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What We Do


The robust ecosystem of WebPort Global, consisting of world trade centers, chambers of commerce, trade organizations, trade service partners, banks, insurance companies, distribution and logistics companies, and SMEs provides a community of dedicated trade professionals that are eager to connect to new business opportunities.  The network’s focus is to connect businesses, provide valuable trade information and data, and to assist and promote SME business opportunities worldwide.

Global Market Place

Valuable trade relationships start and grow in our Marketplace.  Our members access our trusted network of international trade professionals to securely source and sell products and services within our community and beyond. Designed as a tool for business acceleration, the Marketplace assists our members to showcase and grow their business globally.

Market Data

WebPort Global delivers the Market Data you need!  Based on your own industry and product codes, you will know which countries import what you sell or sell what you need.  That is only the beginning. From WebPort Global’s extensive Trade Library, you can access country reports, economic trends, industry reports and news.  To help you find buyers, WebPort Global aggregates and catalogs trade data on millions of actual imports and exports.  When you have an indication of your target market, WebPort Global can provide what used to be reserved only for the largest importers and exporters. Join today and identify your opportunities.